Gnotobiotic Mouse

Overview of Services

The Penn Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility (PGMF) provides centralized germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse services. The PGMF maintains several common strains of germ-free mice that are available upon request, and provides re-derivation services for generating customized germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse strains. In addition, the PGMF offers the Penn research community access to isolators for utilizing germ-free and gnotobiotic mice during IACUC-approved experimental procedures. To further meet the needs of investigators, the PGMF provides technical support required for various experimental procedures.

In order for our staff to begin working on your experimental request as soon as possible, we ask that all researchers do the following:

1) If a protocol transfer form will be required download a protocol transfer form from ULAR's website here: ULAR Transfer Form. Fill out your side of the transfer form, and send it to us.

2) Submit a detailed request to iLabs. Include your mice request, if there will be a transfer, transfer location request, your transfer condition (germ free or conventional).

3) Review and agree to our quote.

4) After the previous steps have been completed in full, the core will begin work on your request.

The core has a mailing list of researchers that receive weekly updates of our mice availability. Mice are reserved upon a first-come first-serve basis. If you wish to be included in the mailing list, please send us your preferred contact email address in an email subjected "Mice availability contact".

Germ Free core personnel only break down and set up isolators two days a week. Please plan your experiments accordingly.

Any cancellation of service will result in the researcher being charged the full price of the mice they had reserved.


Yongwon Choi, Professor
Core Director
(215) 746-6404

Dmytro Kobuley, Research Specialist C
Technical Director
(215) 573-0328

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm

380 S University Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources

  1. PennCHOP Microbiome Program Site
  2. Biomedical Research Core Facilities Site


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dmytro Kobuley
Technical Director
Hill Pavilion
Michelle Albright
Lab Animal Assistant
Hill Pavilion
Paul Laskoski
Administrative Support
BRB 2/3 Rm 338