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Stem Cell and Xenograft Core

Overview of Services

The Stem Cell and Xenograft Core (SCXC) is a comprehensive resource laboratory that integrates a viable tissue bank of normal human hematopoietic cells and hematopoietic malignancies with a full range of xenograft services.


The SCXC is committed to facilitating and promoting translational research involving viable primary human hematopoietic tissues. Our core offers adult whole bone marrow from healthy donors and umbilical cord blood. Mononuclear and CD34+ cells from normal bone marrow and cord blood are available, and other cell fractions can be provided by arrangement. We maintain a large tissue bank of cells from hematopoietic malignancies including AML, ALL, CML, MDS and MPDs. All samples are fully annotated and frozen as viable cells. We also offer access to an immunomagnetic cell sorter (Miltneyi AutoMacs). Expertise in primary human hematopoietic stem/progenitor and leukemic cell culture and manipulation is available. For consultation or questions, please contact Martin Carroll.


The SCXC offers a wide variety of xenograft services from training to full-service experiments. The Core maintains a large breeding colony of immune-deficient (NSG) mice for users xenograft studies. We also offer human immune system (CD34 - transplanted) NSG mice for a wide variety of studies ranging from gene therapy to HIV. Experimental animals are housed in dedicated BSL-2 animal barrier space equipped for whole body irradiation and all necessary procedures and survival surgeries. Currently established xenograft models include normal human CD34 and leukemia engraftment, human iPS and ES-derived teratomas, human skin grafting, orthotopic human ovarian, hepatic and pancreatic tumor cell injections, renal capsule implantation. We also offer access to a dedicated optical/fluorescence (IVIS Spectrum) imaging system located within the Core's BSL-2 space. For consultation or questions, please contact Nicolas Skuli, Ph.D.

Research Resource identifier (RRID)

Our RRID is RRID:SCR_010035. Please cite us using this identifier when publishing your results.


Nicola Skuli, Ph.D. - Director

(215) 746-0181, fax:(215) 573-7049


Martin Carroll, MD. - Medical Director

(215) 573-5712, fax:(215) 573-7049


Tony Secreto- In-Vivo Services Coordinator

(215) 573-3705, fax:(215) 573-7049




Michele Arlotta- Business Administrator

(215) 898-9615, fax:(215) 573-8282


Joshua Glover- Research Specialist

(215) 573-3705, fax:(215) 573-7049


Gisela (Nikki) Brake-Sillá, M.F.A.- Project Manager

(215) 898-3974, fax:(215) 573-7049


Derrick Dopkin- Research Specialist


Eric Balboa - Resource Technologist


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


Facility Hours: 24/7       

Staff Hours: Variable

BRB II/III, 7th Floor 421 Curie Blvd.

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6160

Telephone:(215) 746-0181

Fax:(215) 573-8282


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Nicolas Skuli
(215) 746-0181 fax:(215) 573-7049
710 BRB
Michele Arlotta
Business Administrator
811 BRB

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