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Next-Generation Sequencing Core

Overview of Services

We offer comprehensive high-throughput sequencing services from experiment design to basic data analysis.

This includes RNA extraction, library preparation, sample quality checks, and Illumina sequencing on our HiSeq 4000, NextSeq, or MiSeq.

The NextSeq and MiSeq can be operated by clients in a self-service mode or by NGSC staff.

We perform both bulk and single-cell experiments using our 10x Chromium controller.

We can generate very long read data with our Oxford Nanopore Technologies minION sequencer.

Existing NGSC Clients

We are using iLab for equipment scheduling and for billing.

The science, experimental design and data delivery, remains at our NGSC Website.

You will still need to use your NGSC accounts and our request form to start an experiment.

New NGSC Clients

Start by reviewing our FAQ and how we work.

New customers are encouraged to schedule a consultation through this calendar.

Additional information can be reviewed at the full core website.

Sample Drop-off Hours and Location

Drop-off Hours                                          Location                                                                                        
Tuesday - Friday 11 AM -12 PM     

Monday - Thursday 3 AM - 4 PM 
12-160 Smilow

3400 Civic Center Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources

  1. Core Website
  2. Consultation Calendar
  3. Email us


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jonathan Schug, Ph.D.
Technical Director
215 898 0773
12-156 Smilow
Klaus Kaestner, Ph.D.