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Viral / Molecular High Density Sequencing Core

Welcome to the Viral / Molecular High Density Sequencing Core at the University
of Pennsylvania.

We offer both Illumina sequencing and bioinformatic expertise to assist researchers
with genetherapy trial evaluations, viral integration profiling,
CRISPR off-target
analyses, as well as bioinformatic analyses including RNAseq transcription profiling
and 16S taxonomic assignments.
Services are available à la carte or as complete
service packages.

These services are offered by the laboratory of Dr. Frederic Bushman in the
Microbiology Department and as part of the CFAR consortium at PENN.

Please contact Aoife Doto to see how we can assist you with your project:

Example analysis reports: 
Gene therapy subject report
CRISPER off-target analysis report
HIV integration analysis report



Name Role Phone Email Location
Aoife Doto, PhD
Technical Director
425 Johnson Pavilion
John Everett, PhD
Bioinformatic Director
425 Johnson Pavilion
Frederic Bushman, PhD
Principle Investigator
425 Johnson Pavilion


425 Johnson Pavilion, 3610 Hamilton Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104