Due to the evolving Coronavirus outbreak, the hours of operation at Perelman School of Medicine cores and shared resources may be limited.  Please contact the Penn core facility directly for more information. 

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Penn Genomic Analysis Core - DNA Sequencing Laboratory


This is to inform you that PGAC will be open, if need be, for COVID-19 related research from Wednesday (3/18) onward.

This means we will do Sanger sequencing, molecular biology work (any DNA prep & other jobs), NGS, fragment analysis, microarray work, real-time

PCR, any cell culture work, fly food etc. Please remember this is for only COVID-19 work. The turnaround time will be affected. 

It will be extremely helpful if PI’s involved in this work directly email and

mentioning their requirements during this challenging period. We will get back to you about the logistics.

Overview of Services

DNA Sequencing Facility was founded in 1994 as an Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) core. In 2014, the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) and Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) combined two NCI CCSG supported cores, the DNA Sequencing Facility and the Molecular Profiling Facility to consolidate genomic services under a single umbrella Core. The resulting Shared Resource, the Penn Genomic Analysis Core was and continues to be directed by Dr. Tapan Ganguly.

DNA Sequencing Facility offers sequencing services on three platforms, gold standard Sanger sequencing on ABI capillary sequencers, next-generation sequencing (NGS) on Ion Torrent PGM and S5 and, Illumina MiSeq and Next-Seq. along with experimental design and data analysis.

The NGS service includes library preparation for multiple applications including targeted sequencing, RNA-Seq and Exome-Seq. Free consultation is provided for project planning and experimental design. Data analysis service is performed in consultation with the investigators.

The capillary sequencers also enable microsatellite genotyping and fragment analysis for VNTR, SNaPshot and Human Cell Line Authentication.

The molecular biological services include PCR, cloning, subcloning, mutagenesis, construct preparation and, plasmid DNA preps at different scales.


Guide to Ordering Services

Details of how to use iLab to order services are available in this Guide for Penn investigators. External users should use the guide for CHOP, Wistar, Monell, off-campus, for-profits. 


Leadership and Staff

Name Role Phone Email Location
Tapan Ganguly, Ph.D Director 215-573-7238

B16 Anat-Chem Bldg.


Erik Toorens Lab Manager 215-573-4832 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.
Peiqin Chen Research Specialist 215-573-7407 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.
Lan Ping Zhang Research Specialist 215-573-7407 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.
David Zhu Research Specialist 215-573-7407 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.
Jennifer Rosado Research Specialist 215-573-7410 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.
Deborah Evans Financial Coordinator 215-573-7407 502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday     

9 AM - 5 PM 

502-503 Stellar-Chance Bldg 

422 Curie Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources



Name Role Phone Email Location
Tapan Ganguly
B16 Anat-Chem Bldg.
Erik Toorens
Lab Manager
Stellar Chance 503